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The remote thermal monitor used along with a remote sensor kit is an extremely efficient way to control the heat of your reactor and to stop it when its temperature goes beyond a certain point. Hey heres how to build a safe reactor that doesnt melt down and explode please like comment ans subcribe. Ic2 classic also implements some ic2 addons to itself, like advanced machines and compact solars, with others are planned. After hours and hours of experimentation i installed a safe 8reactor powerhouse above our base of operations that powers our machines during the night. You can control the two reactors in the control room. Its been a long time coming but weve finally brought ic2 nuclear power to our tekkit lite server. Chernobyl nuclear power plant in tekkit minecraft map. I downloaded the tekkit mod and started to build and test things withe the nuclear power and boom there is it my tekkit nuclear power plant.

Uranium cells generate heat as well, and the reactors must be cooled. For manual monitoring you can use a remote sensor kit and an industrial information. Tekkit lite applied energistics ic2 nuclear reactor youtube. Ive been working on a simple utility that manages a nuclear reactor for you. Tekkit classic for beginners nuclear reactors youtube. The large turbine is more efficient and generates more power than. The nuclear reactor of industrial craft is the ultimate in eu generation, if you can manage to stabilize it. Atomic science is a mod by calclavia that adds in various ways of creating electricity for other universal electricity mods. Hey guys im back and im currently looking for some people to make another massive tekkit or ftb build contact me if your interested i am currently updating the map to. Handles monitoring, fueling and cooling of one or more nuclear reactors.

Click here to use nukemap2 or click here to close this annoying window. Finally, click install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select tekkit classic from the list on the left. Fully automatic nuclear reactor power plant, using computercraft control system. Ic2 nuclear power finally arrives on our tekkit lite server. Autonomous nuclear reactor tekkit classic discussion. If not cooled, the reactor will have a meltdown, causing a massive explosion. I have glass cables running around the edge of the room all connected to the area shown so all i need to add is an energy link if i want to add more machines.

Industrial craft 2 is a mod for minecraft that adds many new machines and items to the game. Video tutorial this video yields the most efficient reactor setup, it yields the most eut and is completely safe. Like buildcraft, nei not enough items, tinkers construct, waila and a. Ive built a reactor and im trying to find a setup that will work. Each cell will provide a staggering two million eu of energy, and your reactor outputs 10 eut. Nuclear control 2 is an addon mod to ic2, that allows for the monitoring of several block in the world. These are suitable for use in the chernobyl4 nuclear reactor, each capable of outputting incredible amounts of power step 7.

The nuclear reactor is a block added by the industrialcraft 2 mod it is a method of generating eu or alternatively steam via the heating of ic2 coolant. The result of a nuclear reactor reaching 100% excess heat. The mod itself includes nuclear fission and nuclear fusion, as well as several ways of obtaining the resources vital to progressing in this mod the mod also includes various machines like a centrifuge, which is an essential machine to help you produce enriched uranium. How to build a safe reactor in tekkit classic youtube. The steam reactor uses similar internal mechanics to the nuclear reactor.

Im new to using lua, and cc, but i am a pro at anything tekkit classic excluding cc. Extreme reactors with other important qol mods to create technic modpack that doesnt feel bloated. There are many ways to build a nuclear reactor, some of which are completely safe, and produce plenty of eu. Type in the modpack name tekkit classic or paste the following url into the search box. Building a nuclear reactor power generation system is a significant time and resource investment and requires a solid commitment from the player. If you dont already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest. This is my tekkit classic for beginners tutorial and will cover the fundamentals of. It will feed power to any chargeable item worn as a chestplate, regardless of tier, at 1 eut. Extremely high power nuclear reactor tekkit classic.

So you attach a wooden kinesis pipe to the reactor power tap and then attach the rest of your kinesis pipes diamond ones seem to be the best. Neither of those mods are in tekkit classic imulsion sep 2 14 at 7. Uranium cells in reactors produce a pulse of heat every tick. As cells decay inside the reactor, they produce heat. Once the ice is in the chests, pump freely into reactor. Step 3 finally, click install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select tekkit classic from the list on the left. From there if you need ic2 power eu, youll need to use the power converters 3 mod thats included in tekkit legends. Technic oriented modpack based on tekkit classic and successor to tcr classic refined.

Thats equivalent to a coalburning generator, but the uranium lasts so much longer than coal. This video shows a big nuclear reactor plant that i made on my tekkit server. By placing 1 more uranium cell into the reactor and surrounding it with coolant cells. Request for ic2 reactor planner v3 download feed the beast. Download chernobyl nuclear power plant made in tekkit. I dont have any signs, so, sorry, but you just have to turn on the mass fabricator to watch it work. Water mill, solar panel, wind mill, generator, geothermal generator, low voltage solar array, medium voltage solar array, high voltage solar array, nuclear reactor. Putting 9 turbines in a 3x3 pattern flat on the ground and right clicking the turbine in the center with a wrench will turn the small reactor turbines into a large reactor turbine. The thermal monitor measures the temperature of a nuclear reactor. A single uranium cell in a reactor will not produce heat very quickly. Incredibly compact and most efficient solar panel factory design in tekkit classic by. However, for every 2 adjacent uranium cells, an additional pulse is generated, increasing the amount of heat and energy they produce.

Panels can display information from blockmultiblock. First things first this is going to be a heavy request. The map itself is a working nuclear power plant with 2 main reactors and tons of different automatic systems wired to it, such as 4 layer meltdown. The way to use big reactors in tekkit legends is with bc kinesis pipes. On top of that, it tries to support as many addons as possible, but also native compat to other mods. I am currently trying it out on my private tekkit server running 3. This is my masterpiece and i take a lot of pride in it to see a full video of the project visit stay tuned subscribe to youtube and dont forget to hit the notification bell to get updates the channel is here. Tekkit classic nuclear reactor world tekkit playthrough ep.

Copper cable is sufficient for basic reactors, but advanced reactors will require gold or hv cable. The reactor has 6 basins each containing 4 reactors. A collection of lua scriptsapis and schematics for creating advanced machines in tekkit minecraft this was all created using tekkit 3. Originally designed by shedar to monitor and control ic2 nuclear reactors, the current team xbony2, dmf444 and pyrolusite have integrated with several other popular mods. If cooling is insufficient, the reactor will gradually overheat and eventually explode. I have a basic reactor with a energy condenser pumping ice in to the last row minus the first and last slot in the row. Nuclear control enables the player to control the reactor with several objects. Minecraft tekkit legends episode 20 second chances. Ive got a nuclear power plant with 10 mark v 2400 eut reactors, and id like to make a cc program to control each reactor separately from one console. If you want to play on a great tekkit classic server and see this builds and others like it then check out play. It no longer works very well, and its information can be inaccurate. This subreddit is focused on the tekkit classic and tekkit lite modpack, and is a place for you to show off what you can do, get help on what you want to do, or just invite people over to come look at what you have done. The power is getting from the reactor to the mfsus but i cant get it to go anywhere else.

Reactors are capable of outputting considerable power. Nuclear control enables you to control your reactor with several objects such as a thermometer. Hey guys, i just wanted to show my design for a totally automated, extreme voltage, safe, efficient, nuclear reactor. Nuclear control addon allows you to build efficient monitoring and.

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