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Jenny doan shares the awesome, but easy disappearing 4 patch technique using charm squares 5 squares of precut fabric charm packs best selection on the internet. Enlarge the photos of the sheets above and there is also a super cheat sheet for yardage etc. Once you master both of these disappearing four patch techniques, check out more quilting projects including how to make a disappearing 9 patch quilt block. I made the blocks with white and purple colors and the inside square was pink. She made this disappearing nine patch in 1930s reproduction fabric. Click here to watch those little snowballs completely transform one of our favorite disappearing blocks. Here at msqc we are all about quick and easy quilting tutorials, so weve. Disappearing 4 patch and disappearing 9 patch blogger. Here is a close up of the opal pantograph, i love how it flows nicely from left to right. I dont remember specifically making the disappearing 4 patch, though. At my little group of quilting friends here in new westminster, we were given the challenge to use a disappearing 4 patch in a project, that we would show at our wrap up dinner in june. The shades of grey block of the month is a disappearing 4 patch. A wonderful project for precut fabric, this baby quilt tutorial also comes with a linked tutorial for creating your disappearing four patch.

Jul 04, 2019 though stranger things have happened, the chances of a july snowfall in the middle of missouri are slim to none, so this week jenny is adding a touch of snowy fun to our newest quilt, the refreshing snowballed disappearing four patch quilt. Disappearing nine patch quilts are designed by arranging and sewing together nine squares to create a traditional nine patch quilt block. You can use either 3 colours or 2 colours depending on the effect you wi. You will need to trim the larger 4 patch variation block. Its been a lot of fun sewing up the magical disappearing quilt blocks. Change your 4 patch into a disappearing 4 patch quilt block. See more ideas about patch quilt, quilt patterns and quilts. Disappearing 9 patch quilt by michele bilyeu of with heart and hands. Make a disappearing four patch quilt snips youtube. Youve probably seen the disappearing 4patch design in many. I have had good luck with the disappearing 9 patch and would recommend it.

Make 9 patch blocks referring to 9 patch block diagrams below for fabric placement, make a total of 20 9 patch blocks as shown. Start with nine 5 squares and then follow the tutorial. Disappearing quilt blocks never go out of style, so hop on the disappearing block trend with this easy baby quilt. Sep 04, 2017 make a disappearing 4patch queensized quilt in a weekend. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device. I started with four fiveinch squares, then sewed them into a simple four patch block. Jun 26, 2017 you can learn more tips and tricks on basic 9 patch block construction here along with a few simple pattern ideas. Jan 23, 2014 the cold weather is perfect for quilting and hand sewing.

Is your stash stocked with precut squares and strips. She demonstrates how to make the second disappearing four patch, explaining that is is slightly more complicated than the first. This variation of the simple four patch block is fun, versatile and can be made as scrappy as you like. Jenny doan shares the awesome, but easy disappearing 4 patch technique using charm squares 5 squares of. The wonderful instructions that i personally useto make my own d9p quilts. Make 20 disappearing 4 patch blocks i recommend that you make one block at a time. Since i snapped a few pics along the way of my improved disappearing nine patch quilt for my little girl, i thought id throw together a quick little tutorial for anyone interested in this super easy, versatile block. Jul 08, 2012 disappearing 9 patch and disappearing 4 patch blocks are pretty popular and easy to do, giving you a very interesting result. Oct 10, 20 disappearing 4 patch tutorial earlier this week i showed a d4p block i had whipped up for a mug rug.

Some blocks need two 9 patch blocks so that pieces can be swapped around. Disappearing 4 patch blocks get extra texture with hand dyed. Missy wrote and asked if i would be willing to share a tutorial. How to make a disappearing four patch quilt national. Snowballed disappearing four patch quilt missouri star blog.

Disappearing 4patch with layer cakes by reannalily designs. Disappearing 4 patch quilt block tutorial by missouri star quilt company. You can combine both disappearing 4 patch blocks into one quilt. Disappearing 4 patch quilt block tutorial patchwork posse. Disappearing 9 patch, 16 patch and twistturn variations. The technique can be applied to a number of blocks but so far ive only tried with 4patch and one of them with a 9patch block. Nov 23, 2015 how to make a disappearing 4patch block block size 8 12 inch square. Disappearing 4 patch tutorial earlier this week i showed a d4p block i had whipped up for a mug rug. Jun 27, 2019 86 disappearing 4 patch quilt block tutorial youtube stay safe and healthy. It is a pattern by jenny doan of the missouri star quilt co. Disappearing 4 patch hides in the block of the month for. My pinwheel disappearing 4 patch using charm packs. This pattern is called a disappearing 4 patch, and the pattern is from missouri star quilt co.

The disappearing 4 patch quilt block is a clever scrappy version of a four patch block. So i decided to do the dp4 patch method and this is what i ended up with if you have any questions please pm me and i will answer them on this tutorial. To make the disappearing fourpatch block, youll need four equalsized squares. Learn to make a 4patch variation block in less than 2 minutes. How to make a double disappearing 4 patch block block size 8 square. After giving a little try with the previous disappearing quilt block s i thought that doing it with the 4 patch. Disappearing fourpatch quilt block tutorial new quilters. Im making a simple disappearing 4 patch quilt for a lovely young lady who is soon to. Find out how to turn them into beautiful blocks that look so complex, no one will know they were easy to sew. The disappearing 4 patch or 4 to 9 patch starts with a 4 patch block with good contrast in colors or shades and tones. Disappearing 4 patch hides in the block of the month for dec duration.

Nov 26, 2017 how to make a double disappearing 4patch block block size 8 square. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. I took two blocks and decided to cut the 4 patches in half corner to corner then i used half of each block and to make a pinwheel. It went together quickly without a lot of work or stress.

My oldest daughter wanted to make a quilt for her grandmother. I got carried away with the cutting, but this one starts with two coordinated 4 patch blocks, which you slash from corner to corner two times. Both disappearing 4patch blocks are quick and easy to make, just perfect for a beginners quilt. Snowballed disappearing four patch quilt pattern by missouri star quilt co. Make disappearing four patch quilt 1 pack of 5 squares print 1 pack of 5 squares solid 2 1 2 yds. I added a half square triangle to a disappearing 4patch block and it turned out quite nice. Two solid background squares and two charm squares the fabric is barcelona by zen chic for moda fabrics.

The picture below on the left side is my quilt more picture over here and here and on the right side is her quilt. We used squares from the moda simply colorful range to make this square and i love the colors in this pack. Learn to make 4 different types of disappearing 9 patch blocks. This disappearing four patch baby quilt is the perfect baby quilt tutorial for those looking to take the traditional four patch up a notch. The traditional ninepatch was a little busy for me, but add some sashing and. The one below was made with 5 inch squares and it will finish to a 8. The steps are just a little bit different, but the idea is the same. Then i used my ruler and rotary cutter to cut the block. Its fun, quick and there are so many new layout options when you are done. Mar 17, 2016 the disappearing 9 patch quilt block is another super easy quilt block tutorial. Enroll now making the disappearing fourpatch quilt block. Use two highly contrasting fabrics for a better result.

Learn to make a 4 patch variation block in less than 2 minutes. Once you have made your cuts you can turn the squares around to form a number of awesome looking finishes. I was doing some quilt bloghopping the other day when i saw this tutorial on how to take an ordinary four patch block, cut it up, and turn it into a cool new block that looks much more interesting than the original. Mar 05, 20 i found one additional variation of a 4 patch block, pinwheel disappearing 4 patch at the blog welcome home farm. For all things quilting visit us at our website features.

Make a queen sized disappearing 4patch quilt with layer cakes in a weekend. Disappearing 4,9,16 and other patch and twistturn variations. Materials four 5 inch squares in contrasting fabrics. This floral version of the disappearing nine patch quilt block was used for a previous forum event. This beginner block can be arranged in different ways. Before i knew anything about modern fabric or designers, i found a flea market fancy 6 charm pack at my very traditional lqs and got to work. Jun 24, 2015 when i first started quilting, i thought the disappearing ninepatch block was like magic. Sew 20 4 patch blocks make certain that the darks and lights align on the diagonal. Cut 9 squares, each 4 12 x 4 12 1 dark 4 medium 4 light.

Learn how to make a disappearing 4 patch block in just 1 minute. Disappearing 4 patch hides in the block of the month for dec. Disappearing 4 patch blocks get extra texture with hand dyed fabrics. Arrange the squares into three rows, each row with three. This is the easiest way to keep everything in the right place.

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