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A comprehensive lrfd design example problem is presented and solved to demonstrate the development and application of design charts using both static and field analysis methods. Pile group carries a vertical load of 5000 kn including the weight of the pile cap. This video demonstrates the tekla tedds rc pile cap design calculation to the eurocode. Structure of the guide introduction to pile foundations pile foundation design load on piles. This design example is for end bearing piles that are driven through cohesive soil and tipped out in rock. Pile supported foundation pile cap analysis and design. Observed efficiencies of square pile groups in sand. Piles are 80 cm in diameter and spaced at 2m center to center in either direction.

Design limits prevent it to deliver as much energy as single acting, but greater speed, used mostly for sheet piles. Design and construction of driven pile foundations volume i fhwa. Examples of pile capacity computations are presented in appendix d. Grade of concrete m 30 grade of steel fe 500 size of column 680 x 300 mm axial force 1560 kn moment mx 339 knm moment mz 0. Comprehensive design examples are presented in publication. A brief outline is given of the basis of analysis used in two computer programs, piglet and defpig, for analysis of pile group response. Instructional materials complementing fema p751, design examples pile pier foundations view of cap with column above and piles below foundation design 29 passive resistance see figure 4. Analysis and design of pile groups 29 1 the ratio of load on pile to the average pile load in the group p p av, and is plotted against the normalised pile spacing sd. There are eleven design examples, which are arranged in three tracks as listed in the table below. Pile design and construction practice, fifth edition civil engineering. A comparison of the capabilities of each program is. Pdf analysis and design of pile groups researchgate. Example 2 timber piles, 25 log with 10 point diameter, were driven through a silty sand with. Fm 54 chapter 7 distribution of loadson pile groups section i.

Structural design of reinforced concrete pile caps the strutandtie method extended with the stringerpanel method december 2006 a. European commission joint research centre institute for the protection and security of the citizen contact information address. A pile cap is defined as a concrete block cast on the head of a group of piles, to transmit the load from the structure to the group of piles. However, this manual is intended to provide examples and procedures of proven. The load carried by an individual pile or group of piles in a foundation depends upon. Implementation of aashto lrfd bridge design specification. Instructional materials complementing fema p751, design examples. A reinforced concrete slab or block which interconnects a group of piles and acts as a medium to transmit the load from wall or column to the piles is called a pile cap. Design the pile cap shown in the following figure with 12 in. The calculation checks the design of pile caps supporting a single column with. H pressure distribution and divide the layer into two equal layers. Solution stress distribution begins at the bottom of the pile group in stiff clay media. Pile supported foundation pile cap analysis and design based on a geotechnical study, a pile supported foundation is required to support a heavily loaded building column. In this manual, a pile foundation will be broadly described as one in which.

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