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The obstacle to be crossed may be a river, a road, railway or a valley. The deck of box girder bridge is formed of a set of assembled box girders. Hence, a clear understanding of more recent work on straight and curved box girder bridges is highly desired. The structural behaviour of horizontally curved prestressed. On the other hand, the choice of box girders can lead to use of wide thin plate panels for web and flange, and these may be less efficient than more stocky sections. Design checks and nonlinear response of a full 3d model of a. Harish m k et al 5 have studied the parametric behaviour of prototype models box girder bridges with single and four cells using csibridge. Harish m k et al 5 have studied the parametric behaviour of prototype models box girder bridges with single and four cells using csi bridge.

Design of continuity slabs and the 020 metro viaduct designs. Pdf behavior of steel and or composite girders with. Steel box girder bridges this title is part of the ice publishing complete digital collection helping ensure access to essential engineering content from past to present. Pdf trapezoidal steel box girders are becoming increasingly popular as a bridge system due to their torsional efficiency and aesthetic. This type of structure is employed in the construction of bridges or viaducts. Torsional behaviour of single cell box girder bridges. Design guidelines for steel trapezoidal box girder systems 6. As a result, box girders behave more efficiently there is less need to design for peak load effects which occur on only one plate girder at a time. Another type of those bridges are single box girder bridges, the conception of these structures is slightly similar to beam bridges. The box is typically rectangular or trapezoidal in crosssection. Accordingly these aspects were identified and formed the basis of the present investigation.

If we take an example of a typical box girder as in figure 2, an fe shell element model for this deck is easily set up by just extruding the centrelines of the slabs and the walls into the shown shell elements model. In u s, bridge engineers use the code of aashto american by several countries because the typically accepted code for bridge styles. The required passage may be for a road, a railway, pedestrians, a canal or a pipeline. Abstract box girder bridges are the widely used bridge deck systems because of cost effective and artistic solutions for over passage, under passage, separation structure and viaducts found in todays modern highway systems. Aug 08, 2015 the prestressed concrete pc box girder bridge with open webs, whose mechanical behavior is halfway between that of the traditional plain web and the lattice box girder bridges is a relatively new bridge form. The torsionwarping behaviour of composite box girders with corrugated steel webs is also discussed. Design of prestressed concrete igirder bridge superstructure. Design guidelines for steel trapezoidal box girder systems. The ministry of shipping and transport roads wing, govt. Media in category box girder bridges the following 24 files are in this category, out of 24 total.

Introduction most of the bridges in the netherlands have been built around 1970 and have not been designed for todays amount and heavy traffic. Although normally the box girder bridge is a form of beam bridge, box girders may also be used on cablestayed bridges and other forms. Design of box girder bridges free download as pdf file. Analysis of cracking behaviour for reinforced concrete curved box girder bridges yiqiang xiang and 1 jianwu xu 2 abstract mechanical behavior of curve reinforced concrete box girder bridges from elastic, cracking, deflection increasing to failure stage is extremely complex under load. The external prestressing of box girder bridges has received increasing attention in recent years, both for new bridges and for the retrofitting of existing bridges 1, 2. The behavior of box girder section for a general case of an. Fam master of engineering july, 1969 department of civil engineering and applied mechanics mcgill university hontreal 2. Authors todd helwig, joseph yura, reagan herman, eric williamson, dawei li 8. It is a bridge in which the main beams comprise girders in the shape of a hollow box rectangular or trapezoidal shape. Then the 1,400ton, 103mlong box girder was lifted successfully from the yangtze river to its final place with strand jacks. This book, which discusses the basic problems which appear in box girder analysis, introduces progressive methods and proposes ideas which challenge current concepts. Recently the horizontally curved box girder bridge has become more desirable in. This analysis is carried out by using csi bridge software.

The application of the finite strip method on curved box. Pdf study on the behavior of box girder bridge researchgate. Pdf parametric study on behaviour of box girder bridges. Mar 12, 2015 box girder bridges are commonly used for highway flyovers and for modern elevated structures of light rail transport. Although significant research has been underway on advanced analysis for many years to better understand the behavior of all types of box girder bridges, however, the results of these various research works are scattered and unevaluated. Load distribution in simply supported concrete box girder highway. Bridge h01 is a singlespan integral highway bridge of composite steel boxgirder construction that carries a local distributor road over the river lea in the north of the olympic park. Customary aashtopciasbi segmental box girder standards for spanbyspan and balanced cantilever construction december, 1997, metric units including the following. The single box girder bridge consists of ushaped or trapezoidal box girders according to the recommendations of the design office. The box beam ordinarily includes of prestressed concrete, steel or. This paper presents a 1960s prestressed concrete motorway bridge in switzerland which is instrumented with a remotely accessible structural health monitoring shm system. The behaviour up to collapse of load bearing diaphragms in rectangular and trapezoidal stiffened steel box girders. The behaviour of box girder bridges is complex in nature due to the. New extended grillage methods for the practical and precise.

Mar 02, 2002 this paper presents highlights of references pertaining to straight and curved box girder bridges in the form of singlecell, multiplespine, and multicell cross sections. Crosssection of the box girder m flowstress analysis of a box girder 347. Its a bridge that has its main beams comprising of girders within the form of hollow boxes. Torsional beh1viour of si3gle gell box girder bridges ri. The box girder normally comprises either prestressed concrete, structural steel, or a composite of steel and reinforced concrete. The bridge decks have three number tbeams of varying depths depending upon spans. Construction of box girder bridges specifications, uses, and benefits.

This example analyses the thermomechanical behaviour of a multicell box girder fig. If made of concrete, box girder bridges may be cast in place using falsework. For a particular girder span and bridge width, a large number of parameters control the design of the bridge such as girder spacing, cross sectional dimensions of girder, deck slab thickness, number of strands per tendon, number of tendons, deck slab reinforcement, configuration of tendons, anchorage system, prestress. A monitoring system for determination of real deck slab. Construction of box girder bridges specifications, uses. Measured behavior of a curved precast segmental concrete. The concept depends on new structural developments considering complex geometry that combines cast in situ and prefabricated elements.

A 3d solid element model of a typical cracking curved. Steel box girder bridge the steel box girder may be defined as a longitudinal structural member with four steel plates, two webs and two flanges, arranged to form a closed box section as shown in the fig1a. Based on observations made during construction, and on measurements taken of concrete strains, tendon strains, temperature distributions, and slopes, a series of detailed design, construction, and inspectionrelated recommendations are made. Five box girders of multicell and different shapes were considered by amit upadhyay. Comparison of the amount of reinforcement for a boxgirder. The box beam ordinarily includes of prestressed concrete, steel or steel concrete. Pdf when tension flanges of longitudinal girders are connected together, the resulting structure is called a box girder bridge. Analysis and behavior investigations of box girder bridges. The results indicated that a girder bridge having single cell is more economical than a girder bridge having four cells. Heins september, 1937 december 24, 1982 during the past decade, there has been extensive use of steel box girders for straight and curved highway and transit structures. The crosssectional details of the box girder bridges are shown in fig 2, fig 3 and fig 4 and table 2. This paper presents an investigation on behaviour of curved psc box girder bridge by the use of irc and aashto code.

Investigation on the behavior of composite box girder bridge. Design guide for composite box girder bridges steelconstruction. When tension flanges of longitudinal girders are connected together, the resulting structure is called a box girder bridge. Study the behavior of the trapezoidal psc box girder by. Optimization of spantodepth ratios in highstrength concrete girder bridges sandy shukyan poon master of applied science graduate department of civil engineering university of toronto 2009 abstract spantodepth ratio is an important bridge design parameter that affects structural behaviour, construction costs and aesthetics. The key focus of the study is on the direct measurement of strains in reinforcement bars to provide a better understanding of the real structural behaviour of such bridges.

Parametric study on behaviour of box girder bridges using csi. Analysis and design of prestressed box girder bridge by irc. Project specific documents should specify when and where caps. Proceedings of an international conference held on 14 february 1973.

The manual displayed the types of the construction of castinplace concrete box. The ministry of infrastructure and the environment in the netherlands wants to know the. German highway administration authorities have even given external prestressing the status of the preferred solution for new concrete box girders 1. Parametric study on behaviour of box girder bridges using. Hesis submitted to the faculty of graduate studies and research by adel r. Box girder bridges are commonly used for highway flyovers and for modern elevated structures of light rail transport. A boxgirder cross section could take the shape of single cell one box, multiple spines separate. Behavior of concrete segmental box girder bridges with open. The latter emphasizes a complete consideration of spatial behavior. The method is used for a behavioral study of a repre sentative sample of structures whose. Design of box girder bridges bending beam structure scribd. Article information, pdf download for new extended grillage methods for the practical and.

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